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MRI & Ultrasound Prices

Where possible we have detailed our pricing for procedures below. Please note that prices can only be confirmed after reviewing the referral notes. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out a further procedure once the initial scan has been taken and diagnosis made. In which case we will inform you of any additional costs. 

MRI Prices

We can perform MRI of all regions of the body to assess and diagnose acute or chronic conditions including musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiac conditions. We can also perform imaging to assess gynaecological conditions and abnormalities of the prostate. This imaging will be carried out in our comfortable, state-of-the-art scanner and interpreted by highly experienced radiologists who will provide a report to your doctor to enable them to manage your condition appropriately.

1 Area MRI scan       

2 Area MRI scan          

3 Area MRI scan               

4 Area MRI scan           

Plus Contrast                    










Whole body       






One-part musculoskeletal ultrasound scan             

Two-part musculoskeletal ultrasound scan                 

Ultrasound-guided steroid and local anaesthetic injection  

Ultrasound-guided injection – complex or 2 sites         

Ultrasound-guided injection – Ostenil                 

Ultrasound-guided injection – Cingal (includes a steroid)  

Ultrasound-guided injection - Durolane             

Hydro dilatation shoulder             

Achilles high volume                       

Ultrasound abdomen                      

Ultrasound pelvis                                 

Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis         

Ultrasound pelvis incl. transvaginal     

Ultrasound testes                     

Ultrasound groin                         

Ultrasound testes and groin         

Ultrasound head and neck               

Ultrasound urinary tract             

Ultrasound Prices

We provide a general and specialist ultrasound service including all aspects of musculoskeletal ultrasound and image-guided treatment. All scanning will be carried out using a high quality, state of the art ultrasound scanner.



























Further Pricing Information

For any procedures not shown or for any further clarification please send us a message by filling in the details below.

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