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Patient Information

Arranging a scan at Darcy Healthcare is simple. The details below will take you through how to arrange a referral.

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  • Ask your doctor or other medical professional for a referral to Darcy Healthcare

  • They will contact us on your behalf with all of your details. For some scans, they will have the option of booking a convenient slot themselves.

  • We will then contact you to confirm the appointment or to arrange a convenient time for your scan if this has not been done.

  • We will ask you at this stage if you are paying for yourself, if the scan is covered by health insurance, or if your scan is to provide information to support a legal claim.

  • Please note that children need to be accompanied at all times and are not permitted in the clinical areas, therefore if you have to bring your child to your appointment, you will also need to bring a responsible adult to look after them whilst you have your scan.


We will provide you with all the information you need prior to your visit, including any special instructions required to prepare for your particular scan, what to bring on the day, and how to find us.


Please allow a working week for the Specialist Consultant Radiologist Report following your scan. We advise that you should make an appointment with your referrer to discuss the results. 

Patient - Injection Consent Form

The purpose of this document is to provide written information regarding the risks,

benefits, and alternatives of joint and soft tissue injections. It is important you fully

understand this information so please read this document carefully.

Please click here to download the form

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