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Back Pain Clinic

incl MRI scan

Low back pain is a prevalent problem affecting many individuals at some stage. At Darcy Healthcare we have designed a specialist back pain clinic tailored to help you quickly recover.

Back pain

Low back pain is a common problem that usually settles with simple painkillers. For some, the pain can be severe and persistent affecting day-to-day activities and may necessitate taking time off work.


Our back pain clinic is designed so that the cause of your back pain can be diagnosed early and treated appropriately, enabling you to recover quickly.

How it works?


As part of our comprehensive package, you will first undergo an MRI scan of the lumber spine. The scan will be assessed and reported by our specialist radiologist straightaway. You will then be assessed by our advanced physiotherapy practitioner. The radiologist and physiotherapist working in tandem enables immediate discussion regarding the results of the imaging helping us draw up a tailored plan for your treatment and recovery.

Are there any serious related symptoms?


Severe back pain combined with difficulty in passing urine and numbness around your back passage and buttocks could indicate a serious cause called Cauda Equina syndrome.


Further information regarding this rare but serious condition can be found using the following link:

Information about Cauda Equina Syndrome

If you are concerned that you have experienced these symptoms within the last 2 weeks, you should attend your nearest A&E department (this is Morriston Hospital if you live in or around Swansea). If you're unsure, please contact your GP urgently or ring NHS 111.


How long is the appointment and what is the cost?


The appointment typically lasts 1.5 to 2 hours from scanning to completion of clinical assessment and discussion of results.


The price for the clinic consultation, including the MRI scan, is £385. Our package provides a high-quality MRI scan, coupled with an expert examination at the same price as a standalone scan at other private facilities.

To book an appointment, please complete our questionnaire by clicking the link below.

Self referral to Darcy back pain clinic

For further assistance, you can reach us on 03308 189 300 or


* Iain Burns. 

Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner. 

MCSP. HCPC registered (PH 50881)

BSc (Hons). Post Grad Dip (Sports Physiotherapy). PhD. 

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