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Mobile MRI

Now Available for Hire

Mobile MRI 1.5T Aera A Eco

Magnetom Aera Eco

A 1.5T MRI delivering excellent quality and speed, all built into a purpose-built mobile trailer. Designed to meet flexible demand across the UK. 

Core Technologies

Its core technologies Tim 4G and Dot, along with its comprehensive and unique application portfolio, give you the versatility you need to meet the increasing demands in healthcare. Tim 4G delivers superb image quality – and Dot ensures that this excellent quality is generated consistently. As a result, MAGNETOM Aera maximizes efficiency and reliability. Add to that ease-of-use – and you reach new levels of productivity and patient care.

Mobile MRI Aera Eco 1.5T Raised lift
Mobile MRI Aera 1.5T on Lamboo trailer

For Further Details

For all inquiries please either email or call 03308 188 400 (Option 6)

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